ESSNet on Statistical Disclosure Control

In 2006 the Eurostat funded CENEX project on SDC brought together several leading NSIs in Europe to cooperate in the field of Statistical Disclosure Control. Due to the small groups of methodologists working in this field in different NSIs collaborative projects such as the CENEX and the 4th framework project CASC have been very successful, moving forward work in this area in a coordinated way.

This ESSNet proposal will see a continuation of this cooperation. The focus of this project will be on the promotion of the results achieved so far rather than the development of new technologies. A key aim of the project will be to make SDC tools more easily applicable and to assist NSIs by raising the level of knowledge and skills to a higher level. This will be achieved by extending the CENEX-handbook on SDC, extending the tools with respect to practical usability and training the countries who have not yet achieved a reasonable level in this field. Recent promising development of Remote Access raises the need for guidelines for output checking, this issue will be addressed. In addition some open research-questions will be tackled.

Tasks in the ESSnet