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µ-ARGUS is a software program designed to create safe micro-data files.  It is one of the main results of the CASC-project.
The CASC-project took a previous version of µ-ARGUS, developed a.o. during the SDC-project and prototypes before that, as a starting point. At the end of the CASC-project version 4.0 is available.

The ESSnet-project has made it possible to further extend µ-ARGUS. Version 4.2 is now available

Get the software (version 4.2) here
(22 December 2008) (Unzip the zip-file and run the setup)

An alternative installation procedure for µ-ARGUS (4.2) can be downloaded here

See the Manual for more information. If you would like to receive a printed copy of the manual, please write an email to Anco Hundepool

µ-Project team

Partner Name Role
CBS Anco Hundepool Overall coordination
Software development (User interface)
Ramya Ramaswamy Software development (Kernel)
Peter-Paul de Wolf PRAM (Post Randomisation)
IStat Luisa Franconi Risk-models
StBa Ruth Brand Noise-models
URV Josep Domingo Micro aggregation software
Coordinator micro data research